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Landing Page

Starts at $180

A landing page can be a single page on your current website. It can also be a subdomain. The best solution is decided upon once we discuss the goal of the landing page and how people will react to the page once there. If it is meant to collect data, a single page on your website will be the best solution. If there are multiple steps taken once they arrive at the page, setting up a subdomain will be the best solution. The cost for a landing page could begin as low as $180 and increase based on the goals you have for the landing page.

One Page Website

Starting at $250

A one-page website can have the look and feel of a normal website. How it works is that all the content is on one page and the menu jumps to the area that it refers to. It’s a great solution for a small business which has a limited amount of products or a single service. Websites of this nature have the look and feel of a large website from information about your business, information about your product or service, your social media connections and a way to contact you. Along with this information, we include all the procedures needed to be found by the search engines. So, along with the one-page build and preparation to be found by the search engines.

Business or Ecommerce Website

Starting at $500

Have enough products and services to support building a business website? We will sit down with you. Look at your current website and make suggestions should it need to be consolidated to less pages. Mobile devices have affected the structure of websites. What would be considered as part of a business website? It would include: a home page to feature you and your products, product and service pages, about page, and contact page to mention just the major pages. Of course, along with building the website it will be very, very necessary to reach out properly to the search engines and announce your website’s existence. 

Ecommerce websites, this is a major website build for your business. There are a variety of products and services from single products, multiple styles and types of products, as well as products with multiple choices to build the products. A lot of details go into building an ecommerce website which includes shipping and taxes. Like the business website it will include the normal pages as mentioned above. There will be additional costs for security, hosting, and marketing.

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