Keepers International Publishing

We can help you publish your work of fiction or non-fiction, your collection of poetry, a

family cookbook or history, local histories, corporate reports, etc… You provide us with two

Word files help create a high-quality book for you. We recommend printing books from 40

pages to 650 pages long.

What are the benefits of printing your work with Keepers International Books?

• This is your book.

• You’ll receive one-on-one support to take you through the process

• You retain all rights to the printed work, and you have complete control over layout, content

and design.

• There are no minimums. You may print as little as one copy or as many as you want.

• You retain rights for non-exclusive distribution and may sell books through any avenue you


• Modifications are allowed at any time, for an additional fee.

• You set the book price, and have the opportunity to determine the royalty that you want to

earn per book.

We can help you get there:

We can help as much or as little as needed in each area of making your book a reality. The

next section will review the services we offer to help develop your book from a simple

manuscript to a fully published book.

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