Overcoming toxicity answers the tough questions in life! Are you ready to accept that you have been chosen and that God’s timing is perfect? Do you have a list of time frames for your personal expectations and goals that may be causing you to truly miss what God has for you? Let’s release our own idea of perfect timing and allow God to detox our opinions and agendas.

Many people wonder what to do in situations where dishonor and disrespect are involved or just how to end a season in life. The Art of Exit gives you sound strategies on how to deal effectively and with grace any obstacle that would keep you from your next level. This book is meant to break down any barrier that is holding you back.

Confronting difficult issues can many times be overwhelming but the return on investment will bless you and future generations to come. This book is dedicated to all of those people who will stand courageously in the face of doubt, fear, criticism, hurt and pain and confront the enemy over and over again with tenacity. In the face of fear, taking all that was stolen from them back.

This book is for you ….

Overcoming Toxicity


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