Cost: $2,500 (Deposit: $1,500)

The Professional DIGITAL package includes all the self publishing services provided in the Basic

package, plus a more complex design and an advanced, robust online marketing support program. A

full e-book suite is also included with this package. With these pre and post production features,

including tools to provide you increased profit per sale, this is a full-service publishing and digital

marketing package.

All the self publishing services in the Basic, plus more:

• Unique, completely custom, interior and cover design (if you require illustration services, please

contact your representative for pricing)

• Paperback or Hardcover format (complimentary copies will be provided in the format you select)

• Placement of up to 50 interior images (supplied by the author)

• Your own Author Representative who provides support throughout the publishing process

• Book and author web page within the Keepers International web site

• Registration with all major online booksellers and national distributors

• Registration with Books in Print database providing worldwide availability

• Assignment of International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

• Library of Congress control number registration. US Copyright information on the copyright page

• 5 free paperback books or 5 hardcover books (quantity and format are dependent upon your selected

format and its page count)

• Complete e-Book suite that includes:

• - Amazon Kindle distribution

• - Apple iBookstore distribution

• - Barnes & Noble Nook distribution

• - Google Editions

• NEW! Amazon Optimization

• - The Amazon Optimization Program combines three powerful Amazon affiliated platforms to

maximize the ease in which new readers can discover your book and authorship.

o Custom SEO Web site

o - Optimized for Google, Yahoo, MSN and more!

o - Includes a fully integrated Wordpress blogging platform to get your message out


o Custom Social Media Campaign

o - Custom set up and integration of Facebook and Twitter with your site

o - Create (from the author's book) and schedule blog posts to drive Facebook and Twitter traffic

o - Social Media Questionnaire designed to help us better develop your online persona/brand

o - Social Media Calendar providing ideas and cadence for online interactions through each platform

o - Step-by-Step Curriculum on Social Media Basics with Advanced Tips for Power Users

• Author Store Shopping Cart

• To process orders and payments, dramatically increasing the profitability of your book.

• Inclusion in Google Book Search program

• Email Marketing Campaign

• Keepers International will design and distribute an email marketing campaign to your list of up to 500

email addresses

• Amazon Search Inside and B&N Look Inside

• - Inclusion in both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble book search content programs

Shipping and handling charges apply to books.

Some highly complex manuscripts, such as children's books, cookbooks, poetry and textbooks

present design challenges that may require custom services.

**Order and credit card processing fees apply and average 5% for each Open for Business Shopping

Cart sale.

If you have questions about your manuscript's requirements, or which service is best for your book,

please email us at

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